Frequently Asked Questions


Neuro Boost is a nootropic blend of 3 all natural, scientifically proven ingredients designed to improve mental cognition, focus, motivation, stress management, memory, creativity, and overall mood. The mixture consists of Alpha GPC, L-Theanine, Huperzine A, and an option to add cane sugar or caffeine. 

Neuro Boost ingredients have been scientifically tested and proven safe/effective by major health organizations all around the U.S. such as UCLA, MIT, Stanford, Princeton, Columbia, and more. The dosage and ingredients per serving provide a boost in mental cognition minutes after ingesting, and an even bigger boost in mood + motivation when taking consistently for 3 weeks.  

We recommend mixing Neuro Boost with your daily drink of choice: Coffee, tea, smoothie, energy drink, protein shake/drink, or even your daily water bottle. While Neuro Boost is meant to be consumed during your morning routine, it can be consumed at any time of the day (or even night!) when you need to feel focused and ready to get things done.  

Yes, Neuro boost contains no dairy, nuts, or gluten. The mixture is also paleo and vegan friendly, as well as made with all natural ingredients. The sweetened version of Neuro Boost contains cane sugar, so if you are keto, we suggest you look at the unsweetened version.  

Yes, just as you would drink coffee or tea on an empty stomach, you can add Neuro Boost to your drink without a prior meal. 

There are only 3 ingredients in Neuro Boost: L-Theanine, Alpha GPC, and Huperzine A (unless you want to add caffeine or sugar). If you are on any medication we suggest you talk about it with your physician to make sure Neuro Boost won't get in the way of any medications you are using currently. 

Neuro Boost is Manufactered in Commack, New York.  All of our supplements/shipping processes are sourced within the US!